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Welcome to TONERSTOP is a true Australian owned and run Printer consumable Imaging Supplies business started in 2004 specialising in supplying colour printing copying and fax consumables selling throughout Australia and Worldwide to more than 130 Countries.

At TONERSTOP we pride ourselves on being specialists in our field and a number of our team have in excess of 30 years technical hands on experience with laser printers and printing services and as such we are able to provide our customers with a superior level of customer support and knowledge of the in excess of 15000 products that we do stock and this stock level is increasing monthly.


You will find that you can experience great savings in shopping with us often savings of up to 80% are easily achievable. Our business to date has grown mostly by word of mouth from those who have experienced the excellent quality of our products, the tremendous cost savings, the high speed delivery possible and the outstanding exceptional service and technical advice that we have been able to provide them.

Free Technical Support to Customers

Many long time customers phone to ask us for our opinion as to what printers that they should consider buying next for their business or their homes so as to gain the best from their investments. Our customers also phone us to check what else they may be able to buy for their printers and copying machines that may also be able to save them further expense. As we are highly technically experienced our providing this information is very easy for us to do. We are happy to assist our customers with this and certainly there is no charge for this.


The Owner and Managing Director of Tonerstop Pty Ltd is Mr Geoff Owen, born in Australia and he has in excess of 30 years technical expertise in Printer and IT computing Hardware and Services.

Geoff Owen   "We pride ourselves on delivering High Quality Products and Exceptional Technical Expertise to our customers worldwide."
Geoff Owen
Managing Director / Owner of Tonerstop

Our business is highly technically skilled in more than 15000 products therefore being able to assist our customers with ease. We technically communicate to imaging supply manufacturers and visit many of their businesses. We meet with these manufacturer’s Managing Directors or appointed Senior Executives and we make a point of being able to meet with the technicians who prepare the products so we may be aware of their technical processes and we look to determine their level of technical experience plus we review their quality control processes to better ascertain if we wish to purchase their products for sale to our customers worldwide. We review, test and perform quality control tests on numerous products that stock. We have developed hundreds of our copyrighted procedures most with photo’s which we provide to our customers to enable them to easily refill with our Tonerstop toner refills or to replace printer parts purchased from Tonerstop.

Wherever possible we look to keep costs down for our customer. We buy products by the container load and we utilise various methods of post and couriers to further reduce postage and handling costs. We travel overseas at least once a year to attend Print Imaging Technical Conferences and Print Technology Events so as to review new and upcoming technologies and imaging products to ensure we are continually upgrading our technical expertise.

Our Global Operations Director is Ms Marysia Bogusz born in New Zealand having worked in Australia for the past 20 years. She has in excess of 30 years experience in Information Technology, Printing, Developing IT businesses, Building and running IT facilities, Computer Centres and developing Disaster Recovery and Quality IT Service Delivery businesses Asia Pacific Wide. Marysia is a qualified ISO 9001/9002 Internal ISO Auditor in Quality processes. This has enabled us to streamline our business with quality processes for the benefit of our business and our customers. Businesses she has worked for have progressed during her time with them to achieve being listed in Australian Top Fastest Growing Small businesses list on more than one occasion and eventually floating on the Australia Stock Exchange and another business achieving being placed on the Fortune 500 business list.

Her background along with her highly quality focused service, continual improvement ideology and business efficiency skills enables our company to deliver to an exceptional level of service and to product great value for money for the products we sell for the benefit of our customers.

Marysia Bogusz   "We focus on providing Exceptional Customer Service and Great Value for Investment Products to our customers, We look forward to your joining our customer base."
Marysia Bogusz (Picture showing her enjoying a climb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge)

The balance of Our Tonerstop Team are dedicated and proud to say that they strive to provide excellent technical assistance, high quality of service and fast turnaround of despatch of products to our customers.

What sort of customers buy from us?

  • Home users
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Government
  • Advertising Companies
  • IT Computing Hardware Outlets
  • Franchises
  • Solar Installation Businesses
  • Butchers
  • Hair Dressers
  • Plumbers
  • Retirement Villages
  • Retail Outlets
  • Coffee Shops / Restaurants
  • Childcare Centres
  • Accounting Businesses
  • Clubs
  • Printing businesses / Printing Franchise Outlets
  • Actual too numerous to list here, however the above will give you an example of how varied our customer base is.

We Deliver Superior Customer Service – You do get to speak to us not a machine

We are proud to aim at delivering Superior Customer Service. At our and websites you will find that we have our contact phone number clearly noted and even more importantly should you call us during our business hours you will get to speak with a person not a machine. Unlike many other companies that either do not provide a contact phone number or bury it away in their website or when you do manage to find the phone number to phone them you get a machine or lengthy wait times, or you may end up speaking to someone that you cannot understand or that really is not technical so cannot assist you. At Tonerstop you will get to speak to a person and we are highly technically experienced and we are able to explain matters to our customers in easy to understand terms. We do not read from scripts, we communicate to you from our technical experience. Tonerstop wish to easily provide access for our customers to our business, so we do. Please never hesitate to phone us as we do wish to take your call and assist you.

We Listen and Value our Customers feedback

We listen to our customers and we highly value their feedback in respect to their experiences and any further improvements that they may wish to suggest that we consider making. We have implemented many of our customers recommendations and we thank them for taking the time to forward their suggestions to us.


Did You Know – You May Not Be As Green As You Could Be

We develop and provide documented procedures with photographs to assist our customers to be Really Green and to save you money i.e. if you refill your cartridge this is far better than throwing it out or placing it into many of the cartridge recycling bins you see around the place and in stationery outlets stores where the cartridge is normally NOT reused efficiently as a cartridge, but instead converted into something else prior to its life really being up, which is really not being very GREEN. Why not ensure you are REALLY GREEN and use your cartridge efficiently meaning a number of times, prior to placing it into any recycling cartridge bin where more often than not it is turned into something else prior to the true end of its cartridge life. Reusing your cartridge a number of times is being Really Truly Green and you will be contributing to saving our environment. Tonerstop can show you how to be really green.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about our Australian company. 

We pride ourselves on striving to provide the best value for money toners, cartridges and other related printing products to our customers Worldwide.

We look forward to your joining our customer base. 
Many Thanks 
The Tonerstop Team
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