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Compatible Toner Refill - suits Canon NP8530

Page Yield: Approximately 21000 pages as per OEM Specifications.
Alternative for OEM Codes: TG-6000, TG-7000, TG-8000, NPG-6000, NPG-7000, NPG-8000, NP6000, TG 6000, TG6000, TG 6000, TG6000, TG6000, TG 7000, TG7000, TG 7000, TG7000, TG7000, TG 8000, TG8000, TG 8000, TG8000, TG8000, NPG 6000, NPG6000, NPG 6000, NPG6000, NPG6000, NPG 7000, NPG7000, NPG 7000, NPG7000, NPG7000, NPG 8000, NPG8000, NPG 8000, NPG8000, NPG8000

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